The new Serchilo

Today we put a new Version of Serchilo online. Its main changes are:

  • Suggestions! Just type in a letter, wait a second and see which commands begin with this letter. Or type in a word and Serchilo searches in the command titles.
  • User commands. Register at Serchilo and define personalized commands, for a example a Deutsche Bahn search from your hometown. Just go on your userpage, e.g., set up the commands, then go on and start using them right away. Or install your personal search plugin.
  • An easier command syntax. For simple commands you do not need regular expressions anymore. Just define a keyword and an url. In the url do not use $1, $2 anymore but name the arguments how you like, e.g. {%query}, {%Start}, {%Ziel}.
  • You do not need to update manually anymore. As you save the wiki page, all the command will also be saved.

Although we’ve tested intensively the new site there may be still some bugs. If you like, tell us them in the comments here.


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