New: Default keyword

Do you often just want to Google something but forget the g keyword? Now you can define a default keyword which Serchilo will use if you forgot it. For instance, if you define g,  then anytime Serchilo does not recognize your query, it assumes g for Google Web and starts a Google search. To setup…

New: User styles

If you do not like the standard design of the Serchilo homepage, you may now create your own – with user styles! Just put all the CSS on the wiki page User:Example/Serchilo.css – and the style will be loaded into accessible again

The problem of yesterday afternoon seems solved, the transfer of the domain was successful and should be accessible from everywhere again. However, it could take some more hours to have all DNS servers updated. If you still experience problems, please leave a comment. currently inaccessible

Because of sudden insolvency of our current provider we have to change our domain to another one. Therefore, there are currently problems in accessing We have already initiated a domain transfer and waiting now for the update of the DNS servers. This can take some hours, maybe even a day. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Lightning Talk at 24C3

At the 24th Chaos Communication Congress I had the chance to give a Lightning Talk on Serchilo. Mario Behling of SuMa-eV was so nice and put the video online. So after the Screencast in German we have now a first (kind of) presentation in English:

The new Serchilo

Today we put a new Version of Serchilo online. Its main changes are: Suggestions! Just type in a letter, wait a second and see which commands begin with this letter. Or type in a word and Serchilo searches in the command titles. User commands. Register at Serchilo and define personalized commands, for a example a…